For leather to be marketed as "CHAMOIS" in the U.S.A., it must comply with Chamois Standard CS 99-1970, published by the Sponge and Chamois Institute.
Specifically, the product must comply with the following General, Physical & Chemical characteristics:
The Leather Research Laboratory possesses extensive experience in testing and certifying to Chamois Standard CS99-1970, and works closely with the Sponge & Chamois Institute. Contact us to arrange this testing for you!

(1) Thickness
(2) Breaking Strength
(3) Water Absorption
(4) Water Removed by Wringing
(5) Time of Wetting must all comply with specifies values

The Standard also places limits on:

(1) Total ash
(2) Iron and aluminum
(3) chromium
(4) Free formaldehdye
(5) pH.

1. Material: It must have been made from the under split of sheepskin or lambskin, split before tanning
2. Tannage: It shall be full fish oil-tanned so as to produce a soft absorbent material
3. Finish: It shall be suede finished
Color: It shall be the natural color from oil tannage (not bleached or dyed)