The finish or "paint" that is applied to most types of leather is a critical component of the product, yielding the final aesthetics that differentiate the leather and providing surface protection.  However, this surface protection, and the overall longevity of the leather both depend on the finish being durable enough to maintain its integrity throughout the intended lifetime of the product, under the anticipated conditions of use. 
For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of standard tests designed to determine whether the durability of the finish is adequate for the intended purpose. 
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These tests are listed below with the methods :
  1. Adhesion strength of finish (determines the force required to peel the finish away from the leather): IUF 470
  2. VESLIC rubbing abrasion resistance: ISO 11640 / IUF 450
  3. Crocking resistance : AATCC 8 / ASTM D 5053
  4. Bally Flexing Crack resistance : ASTM D 6182 / IUP 20
  5. Newark Flexing Crack resistance (W-flex): ASTM D 2097
  6. Wyzenbeek (Wyco) Oscillatory Abrasion resistance :ASTM D 4157
  7. GM Seam Wear or Welt / Stahl Seam Wear: STM-450
  8. Rotary (Taber) Abrasion: ASTM D 7255
  9. Blocking resistance: ASTM D 6116
  10. Cold Crack resistance :ASTM D 6075
  11. Dynamic (Maeser) Water Resistance: ASTM D 2099
  12. Water Repellency: 3M water/alcohol drop
  13. Oil Repellency: AATCC 118 / 3M
  14. Resistance to Bleeding (Staining): ASTM D 6012
  15. Colorfastness and Transfer of Color to Washing: ASTM D 2096 

VESLIC Rubbing Abrasion Resistance