Fungicide content

Avoid customer complaints and the potentially devastating effects of mass product recalls by testing the fungicide content of your leather or leather product today!
Without adequate fungicide, leather is very vulnerable to MOLD GROWTH, yet fungicides are relatively expensive process chemicals, encouraging some tanneries to add too little.
Our analysis will enable us to:
(1) IDENTIFY which (if any) fungicide the leather contains.
(2) ADVISE whether its concentration is sufficient to yield adequate protection against mold during shipping (e.g. from China), storage (in the warehouse and in the home), and use (especially important for outdoor gear).
(3) DETERMINE whether the fungicide is permitted for use in leather by US law (the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act -- FIFRA) or state law (California PROPOSITION 65).
(4) ANALYSIS: We test for fungicide content using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).  Analyze peak identity is confirmed by :
  • (1) matching the retention time with that obtained from the injection of known analytical standards
  • (2) diode array detection, which provides a UV-visible spectrum for each compound peak for comparison with that  obtained from the primary analytical standards.
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